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Protea's Business in a Box helps you feel more confident In business and life. We’re constantly thinking of ways we can improve not only the business of our estheticians, but their lives as well. You’ll see this in our membership plans.  

We believe if you’re happy and healthy then your business will be a place of health and happiness. This is why we focus on providing support for the “whole esthetician” and not just business services.

Our purpose is to make a positive impact on our community and the world. Protea does this through our mission of helping all people feel more confident in their skin. Protea flowers symbolize strength, diversity, and courage. The Protea genus of flowers are native to South Africa.

  • Website Landing Page
  • Virtual Booking Platform
  • In-Person Booking Platform (coming soon)
  • Automated Health & Wellness Client Intake Form
  • GSuite Productivity Tools
  • Professional Email Address
  • Integration with your current website
  • Social Media Support Team
  • Access to the Protea Esthetician Community
  • Canva Pro Membership
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