What is Protea?

We connect people with online skincare professionals through video appointments.

Protea Estheticians (sometimes spelled aesthetician) are licensed skincare specialists who evaluate a client's skin, and determine which products and treatments are best for maintaining healthy skin and meeting their skincare goals.

In other words, your skin fairy godmother!


The only skincare company that improves the confidence of two women at once.

Every virtual consultation supports a woman-owned small business operated by one of our licensed and vetted estheticians.

Protea's mission is to help people feel more confident in their skin.

"I loved how intimate the consult was. I didn’t feel like I was being rushed. She answered all of my questions, even before me even asking them." - Xaviera Gilmore

Virtual Skincare Consultations with Licensed & Vetted Estheticians

Search our library of licensed and vetted estheticians to find the right fit for you based on your skincare needs. Book your virtual consultation through our platform and complete our online skincare assessments.All estheticians are independent from Protea skincare products and any product recommendations are only to offer the absolute best solutions for your lifestyle and skincare goals.