TikTok's Scar Healing Skincare Trend

According to Forbes, 20% of Americans consult TikTok before they talk to their doctor for health advice. And the hashtag #medicaltiktok has more than 5.7 billion views on TikTok to date.

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Using silicone scar tape to speed up the healing of scars is all the rage. It is a non-invasive and affordable solution to aid in the recovery of scars. Studies have shown that silicone scar tape can speed up the healing process of scars by preventing the formation of new scars and reducing the appearance of existing ones. This is why silicone scar tape is commonly recommended by healthcare professionals for patients who want to accelerate the recovery process after surgery or injury.

One of the primary ways silicone scar tape helps speed up recovery is by applying a gentle pressure on the scar tissue. This pressure helps to flatten the scar, effectively reducing its appearance. By reducing the height of the scar tissue, silicone scar tape also reduces pain and discomfort commonly associated with raised scars. Additionally, silicone scar tape can help to prevent excessive scar tissue from forming by keeping the wound relatively moisturized and preventing excessive build-up of collagen.

Silicone scar tape also creates a barrier between the wound and the environment, providing a safe and clean environment for the wound to heal. It protects the wound from exposure to air, water and sunlight, preventing the area from becoming infected. It also helps to keep the wound hydrated by locking in moisture. This process keeps the scar tissue soft and pliable, which helps to prevent cracking and itching, ensuring a faster and more comfortable recovery.


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